poniedziałek, 18 maja 2009

Making od "Judith"

Whew, so, here is my most recent piece!

I will spare the details, as they are all described in the making of material. For this piece, I wrote a special PDF walkthrough, which you can read HERE.
Also, here are the video recordings. They were originally 6 hour long but due to youtube's video length restrictions, I had to speed up the files nearly six times. So, here's all seven videos. Please be sure to check the HQ version!

Video 1: Basic scene definition (warning: messy sketches!)

Video 2: Character definition

Video 3: Further character and scene definition

Video 4: Defining carpets

Video 5: Finishing the character

Video 6: Painting pillows and silk

Video 7: Finishing the carpets :)

Well, I hope you had fun watching :-)

PS. Damn, noticed the comment adding option on youtube too late. I'll move my butt to adding some notes then, seems like fun!

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  1. Beautiful painting! I can't wait to watch all the vids. Thank you, Marta!

  2. Hi Marta, your work is truly amazing!

    I wonder, do you gather reference for this type of work? Like the vests, the posing, etc? I find it really amazing how you come up with those color mixes and amazing detail...


  3. Thanks a lot for the posts. But just to let you know. You can upload in Google Video files longer than 1 hour. And also if u had done screen capture at a higher resolution, please consider uploading atleast at half HD (1280 x 720) so that people can see the text and settings in your photoshop window

  4. Guz: Yep, I do. For this one I used a mix of live as well as photo refs. I treat those more like an inspiriation for general stylization etc rather than straight reference.

  5. Super Saiyan: Google Video uploads are disabled now. i was extremely disappointed, cause that is where I first thought to upload the material :(

  6. OMG
    It's breathtaking!!!
    I'm a big fan of your paintings!!! They are just amazing!!!I like to read all your tutorials on Imagine FX, they are truly helpful! Thanks for sharing your techniques and I hope to see more and more of your works!!! :D

  7. Girl, you have an understanding for forms - that's just hefty!

  8. amazing work :)

    1 tiny little tip:

    While using the paint brush, you can simply right-click to change the brush size and hardness.

    It's more time-efficient than having to use the menu in the top left corner every time :)

  9. @ Jan: yeah I know, but TBH I keep forgetting that while I work and just end up looking stupid :P

  10. OMG!!! O_O. I've seen Judith at DeviantART, but to see how you did it, it's truly amazing.

    Good luck!

  11. Incredible!! I love your art!! Congratulations!!

  12. congratulations for your work
    it is always interesting to see how a person whose works you like is working on themselves!

    see you!

  13. wow, it's like xmas, but better; thank you!!!

  14. holera, nikt nie pisze po polsku.

    wspaniala, niemoge sie doczekac zeby obejrzec postempy.

  15. Found this through DeviantArt, and I'm truly amazed! The picture itself looks so beautiful, but to actually see you paint it is ever better ^^

    Thank you for this, made my day completely ^^

  16. was really a good work..Thanks for sharing

  17. @__@ I'm amazed about how you work. Do you have an idea down on paper before you start something like this? Or do you let it take you where it wants with a general idea in mind?

  18. Hi Martha, great job with this video! Can I write an article on this tutorial on my blog?

  19. I am amazed by your talent. The colours are so vivid, the textures are in their proper places, the composition is such that the eye is really led to linger on every single part of the piece.

    Thank you very much for this beautiful piece of work and the matching tutorial! ♥ Also, it was very inspired to pick out Gustav Klimt's portrayal of the biblical Judith as the basis of your work. ;D

  20. Hello,

    it is really interesting to see the making of. Actually, your paintings were always amazing but that's true it's something new seeing you paint 'quite' in live (6h long would be much too long :P). It's nice of you to share this video, we can understand a little more your technique, which is truly amazing.
    You said you use some references but when you're beginning your piece, it seems like you have the exact scene in your head. Is it right or have you changed your mind about things during the process ?
    Thanks again for this video, very instructive.

  21. Pojecia nie masz jak sie ciesze, ze moge w koncu zobaczyc Cie w akcji :D Musze tez podziekowac za te wszystkie brushe Twojej roboty, na prawde ulatwiaja zycie. Pisz wiecej artykulow! :D

  22. This is so beautiful ,,

    thanks for sharing :)

  23. Wonderful as always, Martha!
    I'm a great fan of your paintings and I'm truly happy for this new blog.
    Thanks a lot for videos and tuts in general (I have all your tuts *_*), I will pass frequently in the future ^___^.

    p.s. for pdf file...don't start the download, there is an error for file not found...

  24. I love your work, Marta!! They are all amazing! =) Thank you for the videos!!! I read all your tuts on Imagine FX too! ^^
    Thank you again!!! =))

    ah, the link to pdf file is broken.

    Sorry my english. ;)

  25. Thanks so much for posting this! Amazing work and it's fantastic to see how it was created. :) I can't seem to access the .pdf though.

  26. Thank you for taking the time to post such an informative video about your process. I have admired your work for some time, and it was great to see one unfold before my eyes.

    One crit though; I would expect her thoracic arch to fall below her arm, down the body slightly further, but you put it above her arm. I think this makes the torso look a little too short, like she is missing a rib or two.

    That's it! Otherwise this is beautiful! I especially love the care that you put in to rendering all of the different types of textiles.

  27. Hi Marta,
    Amazing, you really can create magic with your female characters.
    My CSI side made me comment this :
    - Shouldn't there be some blood spill somewhere ?
    - Doesn't she look too sexy for someone that has just cut someone's head off ?

  28. Hello Marta!

    I 've been following your work for a long time.
    You're one of my referents to draw better ^_^. You always draw beautiful women full of a sensuality that I love!
    And your tutorials and steps by steps are very useful for me, thank you!

    I love specially the picture of the women with hood, It's simply awesome!

    Your work is amazing, congratulations!! *3*

  29. Hi Marta!

    My name is Anderson, i love your work!! I'm using it as reference for my drawings!

    Thanks for post the videos and the PDF!

    Keep this way and you keep my respect! ^^

  30. Ten komentarz został usunięty przez autora.

  31. WoW!!! Nice Works
    expecting more works from you ;-)

  32. OH MY GOD!!!! This is a wonderful work, one amazing draw. beatiful! I don't have words, thank you for this work.

  33. wpisz w gogle po drodze do skarbca

  34. Congratulations, your work is amazing!!

  35. Thanks for this amazing step-to-step and wonderful art.
    Tip: To record your videos try HuperCam2, a freeware powerful videocapture tool http://www.hyperionics.com/hc/

  36. Hi Marta,
    I'd like to talk to you about doing some art for a book cover, but I can't find an email address for you anywhere.
    Please email me at amberargyle at yahoo dot com

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