niedziela, 10 maja 2009

First post :)

Hey guys,

Finally made a blogger account, mostly for the sake of some quick artsy updates :)

The layout is very basic and I will probably update it soon, but for now this will have to cut it. An art update coming very, very soon =)

- Marta

11 komentarzy:

  1. amazing work Marta!!
    i'm a your fun from long time,
    this picture is one of the best of your wonderful works!!

  2. is so romantic and very peaceful, beautiful Marta!!!

  3. Lovely blog! I'm adding it to my reader :)

  4. I will visit your blog pretty often I think... I'm always looking forward to seeing your new work. Thank you for creating such amazing art !

  5. WOW. Wonderful work, thanks for sharing your process videos as well!

  6. Funny thing I created my blog on the 14 of may ;) Cheers!

  7. Wow! Superb Digital Painting..I like your Art and making. very inspiration to me.

  8. your work in extraordinary and wonderful to view, I was wondering if you can also post tutorials as well on your blog for armature artists such as my self.

  9. you are the most gifted artist i have ever come across marta, ive followed your tutorials in great detail.

  10. G'day. It's awesome that you have a young blog because i was kicking myself for not having checked before. Been reading your tutorials on IFX for a while now and love it. If by any chance you manage to find yourself bored with nothing to do :D I am doing a portrait for my portfolio using your brushes (over in my blog ). If not, nps you already gimme enough with the tuts! :D Cheers

  11. I came across your work when looking for imagery that might accompany a series of blog posts I am doing on The Seven Deadly Sins. The work is exceptional, and suits the aesthetic senses of my typical reader perfectly.

    I hope that you do not mind that I have posted a small image of your Vanity picture, mentioned your name as the artist, and linked to your blog.

    If you would rather that I do not use your beautiful work, I will of course remove the picture. I do hope though that you will not mind, and would be happy if I was to continue to feature the rest of the series, and to credit you for the work over the next few weeks.

    Please visit if you want to see how I have employed your work. You can contact me directly if you wish through the email address listed in my Blogger profile.

    And thanks sincerely. The pictures helped inspire some good thinking and writing here on my end.

    Very best regards …