poniedziałek, 18 maja 2009

Making od "Judith"

Whew, so, here is my most recent piece!

I will spare the details, as they are all described in the making of material. For this piece, I wrote a special PDF walkthrough, which you can read HERE.
Also, here are the video recordings. They were originally 6 hour long but due to youtube's video length restrictions, I had to speed up the files nearly six times. So, here's all seven videos. Please be sure to check the HQ version!

Video 1: Basic scene definition (warning: messy sketches!)

Video 2: Character definition

Video 3: Further character and scene definition

Video 4: Defining carpets

Video 5: Finishing the character

Video 6: Painting pillows and silk

Video 7: Finishing the carpets :)

Well, I hope you had fun watching :-)

PS. Damn, noticed the comment adding option on youtube too late. I'll move my butt to adding some notes then, seems like fun!

niedziela, 10 maja 2009

First post :)

Hey guys,

Finally made a blogger account, mostly for the sake of some quick artsy updates :)

The layout is very basic and I will probably update it soon, but for now this will have to cut it. An art update coming very, very soon =)

- Marta